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In the sections below you can find many of our references

Here is however a small selection:

National Pension FundSweden

Focus areas: Finance, Technology, Processes and People

Delivery method: Design, Realisation, Improvement

Key words: SimCorp Dimension, investment model, system administration, benchmarking, market data delivery, documentation.  

Primary tasks

First Treasury assisted with interim system administration and held systems administrator responsibilities in a period of transition. The tasks included administration and user support on SimCorp Dimension, its' processes and surrounding satellite systems, primarily reconciliation and market data systems, as well as taking charge of ongoing project responsibilities. In doing so, First Treasury succeeded in making substantial and significant improvements to several existing processes.

All processes and responsibilities included in the system administration role were documented in a step-by-step uniform documentation library, securing transparency and efficiency for the new systems administrator.

First Treasury also assisted in the infrastructural implementation of a new investment model. First Treasury completed a re-design and took charge of the hands-on implementation of the new investment model into the system and process landscape which also included a new benchmark structure.  

As an effect of the new investment model, market data supply demand changed upon which FT analysed, designed and implemented a new solution that allowed the client to drastically reduce its' costs for market data supply.


Leading BankDenmark

Focus Areas: Finance, Technology, Processes

Delivery Method: Analysis, Design, Realisation and Improvement and Leadership

Key words: Capital Markets, Treasury, Banking, Accounting, Business Intelligence, IT development, IT interfaces, Operation Support, SimCorp Dimension, Internal performance reporting, IT architecture, IT application, Training, Coaching,  Investment Management System advisor, Management support, Upgrade test, Program management, Implementation support.

Primary Tasks

First Treasury was involved in three main focus areas in a very large project. Within the program management and implementation support regarding the establishment of a new Capital Market unit covering the following business areas; Broker, Asset Management, Financial advising and Private Banking, First Treasury was in charge of the program management itself, the IT architecture and development of IT processes. Further tasks included amongst others implementation of financial products, establishment of reconciliation tools and procedures and management of the application development. First Treasury also established a support team for the operating floor and conducted project and operation support within capital markets, operations, accounting, business intelligence, project management, IT development and the treasury department. Report and interface development were also included in First Treasury’s responsibilities.

Secondly, First Treasury assisted with professional input in an internal performance reporting program based on SimCorp Dimension. In this project, we focused on review of the architecture for the profit-loss centres, the integration of the banking business into the existing asset management system. In this area, First Treasury also supported existing, and aided in the development of new, interfaces as well as the restructuring of the book keeping configuration and produced a full technical documentation.

Thirdly, First Treasury acted as an investment management system advisor, primarily within the accounting department but also for the back and front office departments. In this role we focused on new financial products and the implementation of the regulatory demands. First Treasury also optimized the reconciliation processes, coached and trained staff as well as conducted system upgrades and acted as interim consultants covering cash management and position analysis amongst others. Within this advisory role, First Treasury also completed a redesign of the internal performance reporting and held responsibilities in the delivery of ad-hoc reporting as well as solving daily problems and issues in SimCorp Dimension. Finally, First Treasury also led the process for complying with the regulatory reporting demands set up by the Danish Central Bank. 

Pension Fund Provider, Denmark

Focus Areas: Finance, Technology, Compliance

Delivery Method: Design, Realisation, Improvement

Key words: SimCorp Dimension, Reconciliation, Compliance Reporting, G/L Configuration, Upgrade Testing, Tax Reporting

Primary tasks

First Treasury enjoys a long term partnership with this client and have assisted in and lead a multitude of tasks and responsibilities over the years, including, amongst others, compliance and tax reporting, automatic reconciliation, general ledger configuration, conversion to trade date booking and the implementation of full BO-capabilities in SimCorp Dimension. 


Credit institution, Denmark

Focus Areas: Finance, Technology, Processes, Compliance, Markets

Delivery Method: Analysis, Selection, Design, Realisation, Improvement

Key words: SunGard Adaptiv, Front Office, Middle Office, Infrastructure, Advanced Reporting, Risk Management, Add-on Development, .NET


Primary Tasks

First Treasury has assisted in the selection of a new portfolio management system that supports front- and middle office. In this project, First Treasury covered general project management assistance, vendor screening and evaluation, requirement specification, analysis of the present business and IT infrastructure and recommendation of a possible future infrastructure. Furthermore, First Treasury developed a business case presented to the board.

First Treasury also implemented a SunGard Adaptiv-solution for risk and portfolio management. In the implementation First Treasury focused on the system support for the treasury department, customer department as well as front- and middle office which also took in respect the use of structured products. The implementation of changing the workflow to STP, front to back office, for all products e.g. structured notes and swaps, IR and CCY swaps, callable-, cross currency- and interest rate swaps, loans, private placements, MTN, ECP, bonds etc., was also a large part of First Treasury’s undertakings.

Finally, the development of advanced reporting (.NET, SQL) and infrastructure in general supporting important part of the clients business was supported by First Treasury. 


Nordic Leading BankSweden

Focus Areas: Finance, Technology, Processes, Organisation, People, Markets and Compliance

Delivery Method: Analysis

Key words: Organisation, Payments, Processes, Training

Primary Tasks

First Treasury assisted this bank in defining a payment strategy for the coming years. The first phase of this project included the analysis of the current situation i.e. current and future IT solutions, payment products, organization and legal regulations in which the current trends on the payment area were to be considered. In the second phase of the project, First Treasury assisted in defining a suggested future payment solution, which included activities for the actual implementation.



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