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Across all phases of our methodology we provide leadership that is based both on our state of the art knowledge in our areas of expertise as well as managing the programmes and projects we are asked to undertake.

With regard to our methodology, leadership means two things.

First of all it is through personal leadership that our consultants act out our company values:

  • Quality 
  • Service Excellence
  • Integrity 
  • Efficiency 
  • Commitment 
  • Collaboration

Secondly, leadership is a service we offer. We can assist in delivering leadership for all phases of the methodology. More specifically this could be:

  • Benefit Realisation Management with knowledge of the pros and cons of alternative solutions, pitfalls and best practice 
  • Project Management focusing on controlling the performance measures of benefits, costs, time, quality, risk and scope.
  • Change Management of procedures to avoid unintended scope creep and ensure time, price and quality is as agreed
  • Test Management that delivers sensitive metrics that will help the QA manager in evaluating the quality of the system under test before releasing
  • Program Management to ensure optimal performance across the project portfolio

Development Management with persistent and full focus on the project leading to a faster and more optimal implementation



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(30 September 2017)