Business case Print

In the business case phase, quantitative and qualitative costs and benefits are estimated and documented for a limited number of scenarios.  

Quantitative benefits can include time saved on improved processes, improved cash management by optimising liquidity or improved interest income.

Qualitative benefits are difficult to assign an exact amount to. Example of qualitative benefits are improved risk management, higher level of security, reduced risk of fraud/errors, increased standardisation, compliance with group policies, improved and quicker internal reporting.

Quantitative costs are, for example, costs for a new system, internal time and external consulting services.

Qualitative costs can include difficulties in the change management process, or re-training when migrating to new processes, for example when migrating to a new treasury management system.

The delivery of the business case phase is the documentation of the costs and benefits of a selection of proposed scenarios, calculated over 5 years and discounted with the relevant discount factors. This document serves as a decision document to management.