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In First Treasury we believe that a structured methodology is the basis for the delivery of first class financial solutions. In order to deliver first class financial solutions we focus on five phases in our methodology: Analysis, Selection, Design, Realisation and Improvement.

Our methodology can be seen inside the ellipse in the figure below. Please also click on the individual phases in the menu to the left and learn more about these.


Our philosophy is to analyse the basis for a financial solution before designing it in detail and realising it. This ensures that our clients know why they want to achieve a given objective and also have a business case that can be approved. It also ensures that a design is understood and approved before being realised and furthermore that the implementation of technologies, processes and new organisational elements is well structured.

Across all phases of our methodology we provide Leadership. Our leadership is based on our state of the art knowledge in our areas of expertise as well as by managing the programmes and projects we are asked to undertake.




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(30 September 2017)