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In First Treasury we deliver consulting services related to financial solutions. It is our philosophy that first class financial solutions are achieved by focusing on specific areas and by delivering solutions within these areas using a specific methodology.

We focus on the areas: Finance, Technology, Processes, Organisation, People, Compliance, Markets and Energy. These can be found outside the ellipse in the figure below. For more information about our focus areas, please see the section on Focus areas where each focus area is described in more detail.

Our methodology consists of: Analysis, Selection, Design, Realisation, Improvement and Leadership.These can be found inside the ellipse in the figure below (Click to enlarge). For more information about our method, please see the section on our Methodology where each of the phases and sub phases are outlined.




By using our competence within our focus areas we can by applying our methodology deliver a range of services to our clients. 5 quick examples are:

  • Analysis of an existing treasury solution
  • Selection of a SWIFT Net provider
  • Design of a liquidity reporting organisation
  • Realisation of a bank connectivity solution
  • Improvement of a risk management process

For more information about examples of our services please refer to the section on client cases or references.



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(30 September 2017)