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First Treasury is a consultancy firm specialising in the areas of advanced finance and financial technology. We deliver high quality consulting and business services to financial institutions and large corporates in Northern Europe and Australia.

The company’s headquarters are situated in Copenhagen, with offices in Sydney and India.

First Treasury's core areas are:

The foundation of First Treasury's success story is the ability to deliver high quality consulting services in the field of advanced finance and financial technology and is based on the competence areas of Finance, Technology, Processes, Organisation, People, Compliance, Markets and Energy.

In First Treasury we believe that a structured methodology is the basis for the delivery of first class consulting services. In our methodology we focus on creating financial solutions that are first class using a delivery method that is systematic.

Consultants from First Treasury are very experienced and well educated and have excellent references for services delivered in financial solutions, technologies, processes and organisational structures. The professional competence of a First Treasury consultant is based on an average experience of over 10 years in First Treasury's core areas.

First Treasury is an independent company and we act solely in the interest of our clients. Through partnerships with selected system vendors, we are always on the forefront with technology and system developments. By collaborating with system vendors we are able to maximise our expertise and offer the best solutions to optimise client value.



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(30 September 2017)